Time for enriching child's curiosity

 This is a time for children to learn intersting topics. Children would request a topic sometimes or I would offer some fun topics. We choose out of varieties of topics, such as fun experiments, a historical person, music, art, technologies and so on. Throughout this class, we hope our children would find something they are passionate for, or find learning new things fun.

 We also believe that the children would have confidence by learning new things. Please watch the video from the following link to get the idea of the classes.

→ Watch videos.

Group lesson topic examples

※Those topics were featured in the past classes.

- Our body

- Leonardo da Vinci

- Baby

- Onions

- Bycicles

- Whales

- Beethoven

- Chopsticks

- Spiders

- Chocolate

- Thomas Edison

- Static electricity

- Oil and water

- Buoyancy and gravity

- Phone

- Microwave

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Group lesson videos

※Please watch the videos to get the idea of the classes.

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